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Mike Ladd

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Mike Ladd - Nostalgialator

In July 2004, Mike Ladd´s third solo album, entitled "Nostalgialator", will appear on !K7 Records. For the recording of the album, the former English lecturer locked himself up in a studio in Brooklyn/New York with the producing legend Scotty Hard. Together with Hard, who has already worked with artists such as the Wu-Tang Clan, the Stereo MC´s and Einstürzende Neubauten, he recorded most of the eleven songs that now feature on "Nostalgialator".

"The record works like a mix tape" says Mike with a view to the compilation nature of "Nostalgialator". The record combines rock, punk, blues and pop - a mixture that Mike justifies by explaining, "It is always about creating different kinds of black music. I am black – so what else could I do?"

One of the freshest and simultaneously poppiest songs on the album is "Housewives At Play", a piece in which Mike Ladd uses his typically socially critical and humorous style to poke fun at the bourgeois lifestyle of upper class wives: "I seen you driving in your Volvo V70 XC - Your life is Stylin - Oh so free flow heavenly - You're gourmet shopping - demi-gåce epoisse & brie…God bless the housewives at play". The track's sound is appropriately swathed in gleaming, decadent, twisted R&B tones, which should get the booties moving on the worldwide dance floor.

As an encore, "Sail Away Ladies" is a track from a totally different galaxy: Thanks to technology, Mike Ladd is able to compete with living and dead blues and country colleagues, such as Tom Waits and Johnny Cash.
Enjoy it!


CD Album (K7165CD)
  1. Mike Ladd - Dire Straights Plays Nuremberg
  2. Mike Ladd - Trouble Shot
  3. Mike Ladd - Housewives at Play (Album Vocal)
  4. Mike Ladd - Black Orientalist
  5. Mike Ladd - Wild Out Day
  6. Mike Ladd - How Electricity Really Works
  7. Mike Ladd - Off to Mars?
  8. Mike Ladd - Learn to Fall
  9. Mike Ladd - Afrotastic
  10. Mike Ladd - Nostalgialator
  11. Mike Ladd - Sail Away Ladies (Traditional)

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